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We are a group of IT enthusiasts ready to ride the IT Architect Elevator on your behalf. Our goal is to assist you in finding effective, focused and sustainable IT solutions for your business.

IT Strategy

IT Strategy

We support you with our broad IT experience on your path to a digital business and we show efficient ways on how to use IT means in order to lift your core business capabilities to the next level.
Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture

We replace traditional Enterprise Architecture approach by an agile mindset, embracing modern architecture patterns, and bridging the gap between business and technology to drive strategic decisions and address real-world challenges.
Integration Architecture

Integration Architecture

We know that Application integration is a critical capability for enterprises, allowing seamless integration of software capabilities and data to drive digitalization, even in complex hybrid environments with legacy systems.
Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architecture

We help companies create a tailored cloud strategy by defining essential features, selecting the right service and deployment models, and providing support in software architecture and development, including application migration and optimization, with leading cloud providers like AWS, GCP, and Azure.
Software Architecture

Software Architecture

We prioritize business needs and relevant drivers, avoiding blind adherence to trends like Microservices, to design sustainable and well balanced Software Architectures that align with the needs and goals of our clients.
Thomas SiegristThomas Siegrist
Thomas Siegrist
Partner | IT Architect & Integration
Christoph BühlmannChristoph Bühlmann
Christoph Bühlmann
Partner | IT Architect & Engineer
Gilles ZimmermannGilles Zimmermann
Gilles Zimmermann
Partner | IT Architect & Strategy
Flavio SadeghiFlavio Sadeghi
Flavio Sadeghi
IT Architect & Engineer


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