Software Architecture

“Architecture is about the important stuff. Whatever that is”

Ralph Johnson

Since many years now, it seems when people are talking about Software Architecture, they are talking about Microservices. But we know that the IT universe is much too complex in order to respond with a One-Fits-All solution to it. Zooeys IT Architects do not blindly follow hypes and trends. We focus on relevant drivers like business needs and business value, requirements, people, technologies, application landscape, cultures and what ever other relevant aspects need to be considered in order to design and implement the most ideal Software Architecture for a given Need. As curious and professional IT Specialists, we constantly look into the latest trends in Methodologies and Technologies and include these tools into the Software Architecture where valuable.

Current trends that we often use are: Emergent Architecture, Microservices, Testing, ATAM, 12-Factor-Apps, EDA, Zero Trust Architecture, ...

When building new Software, it is relevant that the Software Design fits into its owning company. Thus, a Software Design that fits very well to Company A might be a bad solution for Company B. During Software Design and Architecture Evolution Zooeys Architects take these relevant drivers into account with the goal to not build the most beautiful software design ever, but to find the most accurate Design for the given Needs and Goals of our customers.

Software Architecture
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