Cloud Architecture

“A distributed system is one in which the failure of a computer you didn’t even know existed can render your own computer unusable.”

Leslie Lamport

Today, it is impossible to imagine life without the "cloud". There is no company that is not dealing with the topic and there are many reasons why such a strategy makes sense - or not. We understand the Cloud as defined by NIST.

We support you in creating a cloud strategy that fits your company. Together we define the essential features of your future cloud environment. We show you which service model (#SaaS, #PaaS, #IaaS) fits your IT systems and with which deployment model (#PrivateCloud, #PublicCloud, #HybridCloud) you can best achieve your business goals. Our consultants support you in choosing and implementing the right strategy for your projects and goals.

One of our strengths is software architecture & development. We know the challenges of building & operating an application and container platform such as #K8s with the best-known cloud providers such as #AWS, #GCP or #Azure. We support you and your Dev, Ops and DevSecOps teams in analyzing the existing applications. We support the teams in creating a suitable target image and accompany the subsequent migration of the applications to the cloud (shift) or help to rework parts of the applications (migration to a new architecture) up to a complete new development. As an independent IT service provider, we are also available to review your existing application and container platform, identify optimization potential and, if desired, implement it together with you and your partners.

Cloud Architecture
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Flavio Sadeghi

IT Architect & Engineer

If you need help on your journey to the cloud or with the adoption of cloud-native software architecture, leave us a message!